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The following is a selection of notes taken during a number of lessons. Notes do not stand alone, but are a supplement to the course. It can be said that they are ‘only’ notes, yet they can bring a lecture to life better and more directly than a typed course can. Spoken language, however, is different from a report. Facial expressions, intonations, gestures, moments of silence… can be so telling and clarify a great deal. All that cannot be reproduced here. Also, what is said is much more spontaneous, simpler in language and more easily leads to a lot of fascinating associations that are obviously not mentioned in the syllabuses. We hope that these notes can still captivate the reader.


We find the lesson 5 of 11 05 98 particularly instructive, where, among other things, it deals with fine material healings.


                    1. Notes from the lecture of 13 04 98 (p. 1)
                    2. Notes from the lecture of 20 04 98 (p. 10)
                    3. Notes from the lesson of 27 04 98 (p. 13)
                    4. Notes from the class of 04 05 98 (p. 20)
                    5. Notes from the class of 11 05 98 (p. 26).
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