The Trinity (Andrei Rublev)

Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

Incarnatio Deï, hominis deïficatio.

The Incarnation of God leads to the deïfication of man.

La encarnación de Dios conduce a la deificación del hombre.

26 11 22: De pagina ‘Kijker’, “Een optisch onderzoek naar de aura (deel II)” werd aangevuld.
We vragen ons af of het Michelson & Morley-experiment uit 1887 aan een herziening toe is.
26 11 22: The ‘Spotlight’ page, “An optical study of the aura (Part II)” has been completed.
We wonder if the 1887 Michelson & Morley experiment needs revision.
26 11 22: Se ha completado la página ‘Mira’, “Una investigación óptica del aura (parte II)”.
Nos preguntamos si es necesario revisar el experimento de Michelson y Morley de 1887.
27 11 22 : La page ‘Projecteurs’, “Une investigation optique de l’aura (partie II)” a été complétée.
Nous nous demandons si l’expérience de Michelson et Morley de 1887 doit être révisée.
27 11 22: è stata completata la pagina “riflettori”, “Un ‘indagine ottica dell’aura (parte II)”.
Ci chiediamo se l’esperimento di Michelson e Morley del 1887 debba essere rivisto.
And also this: 
“When I come on stage, something happens, like in the quality of the performance.. was like then times more, like, I had something – I’m not religious – but I had something that, some voice which is telling me how to do, what to do.., like appears and then disappears. It’s very, very strange, but it’s been always with me and especially in important roles.”
This, Anna Netrebko, the world-renowned Russian Austrian soprano, stated, on the occasion of the Official announcement of the Polar Music Prize 2020 she was awarded on 11 feb. 2020. (
Insiders will argue that this is clearly related to religion, but mainly on an un- and subconscious level. In that respect, Ms. Netrebko’s experience is in some ways analogous to the story of ‘Bapuka’. (See the tab ’texts 4′, text 36.)

Homo Religiosus

The last supper, Leonardo da Vinci, Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milano

 La religión como fuerza experimentada

  Religion as an experienced force

    Religion als eine erlebbare kraft

   La religion en tant que force expérimentée

   La religione come esperienza di forza

   Religie als ervaarbare krachtwerking