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This website: the “Homo religiosus”

The “Homo religiosus”, the religious man, is someone who can experience the sacred as a subtle force, directly. In that case, religion is not an “abstract system of dogmas”. Neither is it a number of statements that have to be believed in the name of the deity”. Religion is an experienceable reality. Western people usually have no understanding anymore of what religion, so considered, has ever been and still is in a number of cultures. Since the 18th century, the century of enlightenment, our Western culture has hardly had any contact with the essence of that religious world.
Just as one can develop various scientific theories for the same established fact, one can also hold many religious views. A plural of views is a democratically acquired right and leaves room for any opinion. However, there is no way that opposing visions can all be equally true. Further experimentation and logical reasoning will indicate a number of views as less likely or untrue. Ultimately, the vision that comes closest to reality is achieved. According to us, this does not seem to be any different in religious matters. And that is what this site wants to address.
While compiling this website, ample use was made of the philosophy courses given by André T’Jampens (1922/2007), charismatic ex-pastor of Ouwegem (Flanders, Belgium) and lecturer at the Higher Institute of Pedagogy in Antwerp from 1957 to 2000.