3. The third tab: ‘courses’.


The third tab shows a list of many courses that Mr. T’Jampens, in the course of his life, still ’traditionally’ typed on his old typewriter or even wrote down by hand. It was still the time of the alcohol duplicator, later of the ‘stencils’, and even later of the photocopier we all know.
He always composed his courses with a great sense of duty. They testify to his enormous readership, insight and wisdom. But above all, they show a metaphysics, which through Ancient Greek thought, patristics, scholasticism and neoscholasticism is constantly attentive to all that is higher and transcends us humans, of a “filosofia perennis”, an eternal philosophy. They are imbued with ethical and religious values that sometimes stand in stark contrast to the overly materialistic mentality of our time. Moreover, like no other he was familiar with the world of mantra and magic and possessed almost prophetic insights. He complemented the ideas of world-renowned authors such as M. Eliade, N. Söderblom, W. Kristensen and even improved their texts on hiero-analysis.  “They only ‘see’ the profane side, not the sacred side,” he then said, once more and with some concern, “and it is time that one starts looking at these things also from an ‘internalist’ point of view.”


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Especially the courses on philosophy of religion (4.2; 5.5.; 6.2.; 8.8; 9.5.; 10.3; 10.4 and 10.11) are unique because they also deal with the paranormal and occult side of religion. Those who wish can download all of this and then have it at their disposal when this site will no longer exist.