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As already mentioned, Mr T’Jampens wrote many texts in addition to his courses. These texts deal with many religious and philosophical themes related to his comprehensive pastoral task, or were a preparation for his numerous discussion evenings to which everybody was welcome. Indeed, he wanted people to go home with a solid syllabus each time. And curiously, afterwards he reworked his own text, so that next to and between his printed pages, he wrote down quite a few additions and reflections. We do not want to withhold these last additions from the reader here either.
Below you will find some texts that have already been translated from Dutch to English.:


Page: texts 1:
Text: 01. Introduction to Christianity (52 p.).
Text 1: Discussion: anti-authoritarian education (12 p.)
Text 2: The question of absolute truth. (6 p.)
Text 3: Occultism: a new religion? (24 p.)
Text 4. Sensitivity formation (53 p.)
Text 5: Biblical themes. (155 p.)
Text 6: Homo religiosus. (36 p.)
Text 7: Homo religious: additions. (49 p.)
Text 8: Theology. (17 p.)
Text 9: Phenomenology concerning the sacred. (10 p.)
Text 10: Occult attack. (29 p.)
Page: texts 2:
Text 11: The essence of Christianity. (22 p.)
Text 12: Phenomenology of the sacred (57 p.)
Text 13: Aout black magic (12 p.)
Text 14. Kristensens for the improvement of Eliade (11 p.)
Text 15: Texts on occult attack (II). (15 p.)
Text 16: M. Eliade: excerpt from Religious Phenomenology. (28 p.)
Text 17: God’s judgement and other texts. (36 p.)
Text 18: Introduction to Christianity  (44 p.)
Text 19: Christianity III. (19 p.)
Text 20: The philosophy of Jaques Derrida.. (39 p.)
Page: texts 3:
Text  21: Philosophizing about evil. (23 p.)
Text 22: The salt of the earth.(7 p.).
Text 23: Materialization (3 p.)
Text 24: The Icon (2 p.).
Text 25. Manticism as it is usually practiced (27 p.).
Text 26. The days of Noë, Lot and Jesus (11 p.)
Text 27. Introduction to reincarnationism (re-embodiment theory) (13 p.).
Text 28. Reincarnation II (4 p.).
Text 29. Erotic magics. (8 p.).
Text 30. Miscellaneous. (10 p.)
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Page: texts 4:
Text 31: The rediscovery of ancient goddesses and related beings (6 p.)
Text 32: Authoritarian method: “I didn’t want to see” (3 p.)
Text 33: Original sin, immortal soul and monasticism (17 p.)
Text 34: Kâli – Doerga and the Nagas (10 p.)
Text 35: On Vermeersch’s God (and that of Christians) (4 p.)
Text 36: Atillio Gatti: “Bapuka, the goddess of love.” (23 p.)
Text 37: Do people still believe in the existence of the devil? (67 p.)
Text 38:“The ears of the hippopotamus, a testimony from Swaziland” (60 p.) 
Text 39: Rock ‘n’ roll, an assault on consciousness via subliminal messages (6 p.).
Text 40: Godforsaken (80 p.).
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